About Us

Trust and Innovation in Information Technologies

About Us

Trust and Innovation in
Information Technologies

Founded in 1983, İstanbul Pazarlama A.Ş. is a leading Information Technology provider in Turkey. Our company provides innovative and customized solutions using products of industry-leading brands.

We offer System Integration Projects, Hardware and Software Sales, Installation, Professional Services, Consultancy, Managed Services and Cloud Solutions with a turnkey project approach.

With our experienced team, we provide solutions and services in IBM AIX and Linux operating systems, Virtualization & Consolidation, Security, Backup, Replication and Deduplication, Clustering, IP Telephony and Video Conferencing.

We Are Proud of Our 40+ Successful Years in IT Sector

With 40+ years of experience and our deep-rooted history in the IT industry, we continue our commitment to providing the highest quality service to our customers. Istanbul Pazarlama A.S. helps customers improve their business processes and gain competitive advantage with its experienced expert team.

Technological Innovations That Best Meet Your Needs.

Our company offers a wide range of products and solutions for the specific needs of our customers: products of leading brands such as IBM Power servers, IBM storage systems, Lenovo and Dell servers, Cisco products, VMware, Veeam, CheckPoint and Fortinet Software.

With You In Every Step

With our experienced professional team, we offer pre-sales and post-sales processes and support for maximum customer satisfaction. By providing uninterrupted support to our customers we ensure that their technological infrastructure operates at the highest performance.

Into the Future with Istanbul Pazarlama A.S.

If you are looking for a reliable solution partner in information technologies, IUstanbul Pazarlama A.S. is the right choice for you! We guide you in integrating the power of technology into your business and take you one step forward in the constantly evolving IT world.

Our Vision

Is to be a company that continuously enhances its capabilities by using innovative solutions and leading technology to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the IT sector. Additionally, we always aim to be one of Turkey’s most reliable and respected organizations by closely following developments and rapidly adapting to new technologies.

Our Mission

Is to help the world’s best brands in their field and to increase their integration capabilities. Is to lead the technological field by providing our customers with innovative and pioneering solutions using the latest technologies.

Our Security Policies

Our Security Policies

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Quality Certificates