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Celebrating the New Year with a Collaboration: İstanbul Pazarlama Organized a New Year’s Cocktail Party

New Year

İstanbul Pazarlama INC, one of the leading integrator firms in the IT sector, celebrated the new year by gathering with its business partners, manufacturer representatives and distributors on December 26, 2023. The event, held at the company’s office, took place in a delightful atmosphere highlighting strong collaborations and achievements in the industry.

Specialized in IT solutions since 1983, İstanbul Pazarlama INC has embraced a mission to provide its customers with the latest technological developments. In line with this goal, establishing strong relationships and developing partnerships with business partners is vital for İstanbul Pazarlama INC. With an uninterrupted service approach in the field of information technologies, İstanbul Pazarlama INC holds a pioneering position in the industry. The company’s innovative solutions, combined with products from industry-leading brands, provide customers with customized solutions. With over 40 years of experience and a solid history in the IT sector, İstanbul Pazarlama INC continues its commitment to providing customers with the highest quality service. With its expert team and professionals closely following industry developments, İstanbul Pazarlama INC helps customers improve their business processes and gain a competitive advantage.

The New Year Cocktail event provided İstanbul Pazarlama INC with an opportunity to come together with its solution partners, manufacturer representatives, and distributors to share past achievements and discuss future collaborations. During the event, Korhan Arabacıoğlu, General Manager of İstanbul Pazarlama INC, said, “It is a great opportunity to come together with each of our business partners, manufacturer representatives, and distributors to celebrate the successes we have achieved over the past year and plan our future projects. We are proud to be in strong collaboration with our business partners. Such events provide an excellent platform to celebrate our achievements in the industry and share our future strategies. On this occasion, I congratulate the opening of our new office and celebrate the new year in our 41st year.”

İstanbul Pazarlama INC expressed its gratitude to its business partners and supporters, stating that it will continue to maintain its leadership in the industry and provide innovative solutions to customers in 2024.