Professional Services

We provide for all your Information Technology requirements.

Professional Services

We provide for all your Information Technology requirements.

With our Professional Information Technology Services, we focus on our customers’ specific business needs and offer reliable, effective, and innovative solutions. We stand out with our expertise in ensuring business continuity, increasing security measures, and optimizing information technology infrastructure.


We offer the following services tailored to our customers’ needs:


System and Infrastructure Design and Installation

By focusing on our customers’ specific business needs, we create a reliable and effective information technology infrastructure. We integrate hardware and software components to optimize your business processes through system and infrastructure design. We strive to ensure that the design meets expectations and maximizes customer satisfaction.

Developing Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Strategies

This service includes developing and implementing business continuity and disaster recovery plans. We analyze risks to the customer’s business operations and create strategies to ensure that they are prepared for possible disaster situations.

7×24 System Support

We provide continuous system monitoring, maintenance and intervention services to our customers by providing technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With our 24×7 System Support service, we aim to keep business continuity and system performance at the highest level. We ensure 7×24 intervention in case of problems that may occur in the data center.

Endpoint Protection, Threat and Detection (EDR) Service

This Service aims to provide security at user endpoints. With this service, we aim to increase endpoint security with the ability to detect, analyze and respond to threats.

Security Hardening

This includes the processes of hardening systems and networks, blocking security vulnerabilities, and implementing best security practices to increase the security of the IT infrastructure. We offer top-level cybersecurity services for the security of your data.

Database Management

This service includes the design, installation, management and maintenance of databases. It includes all processes necessary to ensure the security, performance and data integrity of databases.

System Room Installation

By installing a system room or data center that contains the physical infrastructure, we ensure that your data is hosted in a suitable and secure environment.

License Rental

This service obtains and manages software licenses tailored to your needs. It includes managing licensing processes in a suitable and legal manner.

System Health Check Services

Our service to check and evaluate the health of systems. This service includes the processes of detecting performance issues, identifying potential security vulnerabilities and evaluating the overall system status. With these services, we ensure your business continuity, increased security and optimized efficiency. For detailed information about our customized solutions and your requests, you can contact us.

Managed Services

We offer value-added services with the integration of virtual desktop and cloud services.

Consultancy and Outsourcing Services

In addition to technical evaluation, analysis, reporting and consultancy, we provide support with our expert team.