İstanbul Pazarlama

The Importance of Secure and Resilient Infrastructure Components Discussed at CxO Event Held at Pera Palas.

Integration of technology and business processes also necessitates having an uninterrupted infrastructure in terms of technology for institutions and companies. In today’s business environment, where having a seamless and secure infrastructure is of vital importance, companies are continuously improving their technology investments. At the BThaber CxO Roundtable Meeting we organized, technology leaders shared their approaches to this issue. The event, supported by İstanbul Pazarlama, was moderated by Murat Göçe, President of BTHABER Companies Group.

Held in the historical atmosphere of Pera Palas, the event brought together leading CIOs and IT professionals from the business world to discuss the critical importance of secure infrastructure components for business continuity and data security.

Among the speakers at the event were leading experts and experienced executives in the sector. Speaking at the event, Korhan Arabacioglu, General Manager of İstanbul Pazarlama INC, said, “One of the most important priorities for businesses today is a strategic focus on secure and resilient infrastructure components. This event brings together industry leaders to deeply discuss this important topic.”

As part of the event, valuable information was provided to participants on the business continuity, cybersecurity, and data protection strategies of secure infrastructure components. Additionally, the networking opportunities provided during the event allowed participants to exchange ideas with other experts in the industry.