Managed Services

We offer value-added services with the integration of virtual desktop and cloud services.

Managed Services

We offer value-added services with the integration of virtual desktop and cloud services.

In the field of information technology, we offer services to our customers with a comprehensive approach, aiming to increase business continuity and efficiency by providing solutions in critical areas such as infrastructure management, security, performance optimization and continuous monitoring. Under managed services, we offer the following services to our customers:

Network Management

With our network management service, which includes planning, installation, operation and maintenance of an organization’s network, we optimize network performance, ensure its security and increase overall network efficiency. Network is one of the most critical IT departments of a company. If your network system stops, all information technologies will be disabled. Many devices that make up your network system must work in harmony with each other. For this reason we constantly monitor these devices and intervene immediately in case of a a problem. With our Network Operations center (NOC), we monitor our customers’ infrastructures 24/7, intervene immediately in case of a problem to prevent interruptions that may cause business loss.

Server Management

Our server management service, which includes planning, installation, maintenance and updating of the organization’s server infrastructure. We ensure that the servers operate securely, effectively and continuously. Your servers are one of the most critical parts of your data center. Problems that may occur in the servers will cause your IT to be out of service. We monitor your servers 24/7, take preventive measures before problems occur, and intervene immediately in case of a critical error.

Storage Management

With our storage management service, which covers the processes of storing, managing and optimizing data, we ensure the correct planning of storage infrastructure, the management of capacity and security. Storage devices are devices where customer information is kept, and therefore, they are one of the most critical devices of the data center along with servers and networks. Disk and hardware failures that may occur on storage may cause operations to slow down or stop. This service monitors storage devices 24/7 and provides immediate response to problems such as malfunctions, performance degradation or lack of space.

SAN (Storage Area Network) Management, Monitoring and Reporting

Our SAN management service includes the management of SAN network used to ensure high-speed data transfer between storage devices. We monitor devices and warnings in real time in terms of performance, errors and storage space, and intervene in case of problems.

Backup Management and Proactive Monitoring

This service includes regular data backup in order to prevent data loss and provide business continuity, we ensure that backup operations are kept in line with the goals. In addition, we define recovery points according to customer requests and ensure that important data is stored securely at several separate recovery points.

Firewall Design and Monitoring

With our firewall design and monitoring service, which involves setting up firewalls to control data traffic on a network and enforce security policies. We constantly evaluate the effectiveness of firewalls by monitoring.

Cloud Optimization

We ensure efficient use of cloud resources and cost optimization with our cloud optimization service, which enables effective and economical use of cloud-based services.


We provide rapid response and troubleshooting with our monitoring services that constantly monitor the network, server, storage and other components and detect problems in terms of performance, security and compliance. We monitor the operation and performance of all servers, storage and network devices in the data center and produce reports at the desired intervals. We proactively identify possible problems and ensure that they are intervened before the problem escalates. In case of a problem, we inform our technical teams to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

With our SIEM service that collects, monitors, analyzes and reports security events, we detect security threats and respond quickly and implement security policies. By collecting and displaying all data on one screen, we identify security and device problems and ensure intervention.

NOC (Network Operations Center)

With our NOC service, which continuously monitors and manages networks and systems, we optimize network performance and quickly resolve problems.


We ensure your security with our cybersecurity services, which include detecting, preventing and responding to cyber threats to protect an organization’s digital assets.

Patch Management

We keep your systems secure and efficient with our patch management service, which manages updates to fix security vulnerabilities in software and operating systems and ensure that systems are up to date. This includes proper planning for possible compatibility mismatch of applications and systems.

Professional Services

We ensure that you get the information technologies you need for your institution easily and as planned.

Consultancy and Outsourcing Services

In addition to technical evaluation, analysis, reporting and consultancy, we provide support with our expert team.